Securing India’s Healthcare Industry: The Urgent Need for Robust Cybersecurity Measures

May 8th, 2023

In recent years, the Indian healthcare sector has seen a rise in cyberattacks, with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies being targeted by hackers. This has put a spotlight on the need for stronger cybersecurity infrastructure in the industry. The most recent incidents include Sun Pharmaceuticals’ attack by the ALPHV Ransomware Group, AIIMS cyber-attack, and Safdarjung Hospital’s hacking attack.

According to cybersecurity think tank CyberPeace Foundation and Autobot Infosec Private Ltd., the healthcare industry in India faced 1.9 million cyberattacks in 2022 until November 28. These attacks not only result in sensitive data leaks but also cause significant financial losses, disruption of operations, and damage to the hospital’s goodwill.

Given the sensitive nature of healthcare data, it is crucial for healthcare organizations to make an investment in robust cybersecurity measures. This includes implementing multi-layered security measures, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and data encryption. Additionally, regular security assessments and audits can help identify vulnerabilities and gaps in the existing cybersecurity infrastructure.

One way to ensure a skilled workforce in the healthcare cybersecurity domain is by promoting and investing in cybersecurity training and education. This is where the importance of education degrees in universities and Webinars on cybersecurity will enable us to bridge the skill gap.

Ajuba’s Webinar series is one such effort to bridge the gap. These webinars can help professionals, faculty and students understand the cybersecurity risks associated with the industry and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to prevent and mitigate cyber attacks. Furthermore, webinars can educate the audience on various cybersecurity tools and platforms, such as the ThriveDX platform, that can enhance their capabilities and help them develop a future-ready workforce.

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