Webinar #7 | Semiconductor Service Excellence: Navigating Customer Care in the Tech World

Watch the recording of the webinar on ” Semiconductor Service Excellence: Navigating Customer Care in the Tech World ” featuring Rami Kelmer, an esteemed expert from Applied Materials.

Key Topics to be Covered:


  • Welcome participants
  • Brief overview of the semiconductor industry
  • Introduce the speaker, Rami Kelmer

Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Explanation of semiconductor manufacturing processes.
  • The significance of semiconductors in modern technology.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

  • Overview of the machinery and equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Highlight the critical role of these tools in the industry.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

  • Difference between Application and Service Engineer in Semiconductor Industry
  • Explore the distinctions between application engineers and service engineers.
  • Understand their respective roles and responsibilities.

The Role of Service Engineers

  • Discuss the common qualifications, skills, and background of a semiconductor service engineer.
  • Explain the educational and experiential requirements.
  • Job Role & Responsibility for Service Engineer
  • Dive into the day-to-day responsibilities of a semiconductor service engineer.
  • Explore the challenges and rewards of this profession.

Q&A Session

  • Open the floor for questions from participants.
  • Rami Kelmer answers audience queries related to semiconductor manufacturing, service engineering, and his career journey.
About Rami Kelmer:

Practical Experience:

Rami Kelmer is a trailblazer in the tech industry, celebrated for his expertise in business strategy, service innovation, and customer-centric solutions. With a career spanning several decades, Rami has consistently demonstrated his prowess across various roles, leaving an indelible mark in the technology landscape.

Applied Materials, 2013 – Today

As the Service Business Unit – Asia Business Manager (2021 – Present), Rami is at the forefront of managing service business operations across Asia. His role involves crafting service strategies and ensuring their seamless execution. Rami excels in enhancing service business growth by aligning it with customer needs through Continuous Improvement Programs (CIPs) and pioneering service product developments.

From 2013 to 2020, Rami served as the Service Business Unit – Product Line Manager, where he led a team of product line managers. In this capacity, he oversaw the readiness of New Product Introduction (NPI) services, covering aspects like field documentation, training, spares, and after-market support. His leadership also extended to driving the development of Software as a Service (SaaS) products, in addition to managing a team of product experts responsible for Continuous Improvement Programs (CIPs).

General Manager, PZSL Technologies LTD (2011 – 2016)

Rami’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish PZSL Technologies LTD, his own global consulting company. Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Rami assumed the pivotal role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at WaterSource, a startup with aspirations of transitioning from prototype to high-volume manufacturing (HVM) of their product. He also served as a managing partner at Dui Investments, where he actively supported startups in their quest to penetrate the competitive Chinese market. Notably, Rami secured consulting contracts for marketing and service with BMS Machinery in China and entered into a sales representative agreement with Die Bonders company in Germany, showcasing his prowess in international business ventures.

Applied Materials, 1993 – 2011

Rami’s illustrious career at Applied Materials included key roles that significantly contributed to the company’s success. As the Global Product Manager-Solar Segment (2009 – 2011), he demonstrated his strategic acumen by identifying new market opportunities and skillfully prioritizing product features and customer requirements. Rami played a pivotal role in crafting core product positioning and messaging, while also defining market requirements for current and future products. His collaborative approach extended to forging partnerships, translating requirements into effective go-to-market strategies, and working closely with cross-functional teams.

In his role as the Head of C-Si Solar Service Operations (2008 – 2009), Rami orchestrated the integration of service operations for three solar companies that Applied Materials had acquired. His meticulous efforts led to the establishment of a robust global solar service infrastructure, effectively supporting C-Si customers. Rami’s processes streamlined communication between the field and the acquired companies, resulting in standardized documentation across all entities.

Rami’s contributions extended further into regional leadership roles, including PDC Division North America Technical Support Manager (2005 – 2008) and PDC Division Asia Technical Support Manager (2000 – 2005). In these capacities, he deftly managed support operations for the installed base, promptly resolved customer requests and issues, and orchestrated the successful support of new product introductions into diverse regions. Rami’s financial acumen was evident in his ability to manage budgets and lead regional special projects that significantly bolstered business.

Defect Review SEM Global Product Support Manager (1997 – 2000): During this tenure, Rami immersed himself in mastering system modules for six months, emerging as an expert in the field. He played a pivotal role in establishing a comprehensive service infrastructure to support the global installed base. Rami drove Continuous Improvement Plans (CIPs) to enhance product performance, managed the worldwide installed base, designed and executed product training programs, supervised initial installations worldwide, and distributed best-known methods (BKMs) to field personnel.

Opal Inc. (1994 – 1997): As Applied Materials acquired Opal Inc. in 1997, Rami served as the Field Service Manager for Arizona & New Mexico, USA (1995 – 1997) and as a CD SEM Field Service Engineer in Arizona, USA (1994 – 1995). His unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional technical support to site customers, efficient management of customer escalations, and successful resolution of customer requests distinguished his contributions.

Opal LTD. (1993 – 1994): Rami embarked on a comprehensive field service engineer training program at Opal LTD. This intensive six-month program encompassed theoretical studies and practical implementation, including the final testing and full integration of CD SEM tools. Rami’s proficiency extended to training customer engineers on the company’s tools.

Military Service:

Rami’s journey to excellence commenced in the Israeli Air Force, where he was responsible for maintaining ECM (Electronic Countermeasures) systems on the F-15 warplane from 1986 to 1990, his military service was instilled in him.