Collaboration Announcement: SPECS and Ajuba Join Hands to Propel Semiconductor Ecosystem for India

December 6th, 2023 | Dallas, Texas

SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH, represented by Dr. Andreas Thissen, CEO, headquartered in Germany, and Ajuba, represented by Baljit Singh, CEO, based in Texas, USA, are pleased to announce their collaboration for India. This partnership will focus on a transformative initiative aimed at advancing the semiconductor industry and nurturing young talent.

Ajuba and SPECS will engage in collaborative research and development projects focused on mutually agreed areas.  

SPECS will provide internships for students selected from graduates of Ajuba’s SKILL development program with its university partners in India. This opportunity will allow students to gain hands-on experience at SPECS facilities.

SPECS will support the Master’s and Ph.D. thesis mentorship program with Ajuba’s University partners in India by providing expertise to students pursuing advanced degrees. Further Subject matter experts from SPECS will contribute to Ajuba’s SKILL Development programs by delivering guest lectures through online mediums.

Dr. Andreas Thissen, CEO of SPECS, commented, “This collaboration marks a significant step in advancing semiconductor research and fostering the next generation of talent. We are excited to contribute to India’s growing prominence in the global semiconductor industry.”

Baljit Singh, CEO of Ajuba, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, saying, “The partnership with SPECS embodies our commitment to innovation and skill development. With SPECS’ support, we aim to create a world-class ecosystem for research, education, and collaboration in semiconductor technology for India.”

About SPECS SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH:


SPECSGROUP unites three leading brands, SPECS, Nanonis, and Enviro, in the field of surface analytical instrumentation. Serving as the strong backbone of this alliance, SPECSGROUP brings together outstanding scientific expertise, a global sales and service network, and a joint venture with Tokyo Instruments and esteemed partners. This collaboration empowers the individual brands to concentrate on their core strengths: innovating new technologies, conducting cutting-edge experiments, and pioneering novel concepts for diverse applications.

SPECSGROUP is an integral part of Lab14, a consortium of highly successful high-tech companies that offer complementary products and services for an extensive array of applications requiring cutting-edge solutions in nano- and microfabrication and surface analysis. Lab14 is dedicated to nurturing the growth of each individual company within its fold while fostering synergies between them. This approach creates a competitive and technological advantage over other players in the field.

About Ajuba:


Ajuba is Empowering the future of education, health, hi-tech, and educational film production through sustainable innovation, expert advisory services, and connected skills. Ajuba also specializes in developing innovative journey by providing strategy, business development, investments, and sales & marketing services. With its offices in Dallas, Texas, USA and Belapur Navi Mumbai, India the company has been supporting companies in India, Israel and North America (IIN Regions). With innovative products and services for global markets, the company opens valuable doors, using its extensive network of contacts in India, Israel and USA & Canada to establish channel partnership and joint ventures. As part of this commitment, we offer a skill development program known as Scientific Knowledge for International Learning and Leadership (SKILL). We are committed to sustainability, innovation, and creating value for our clients and stakeholders.